The uniqueness lies in the details

Short supply chain

The result of more than 40 expert farmers, gathered under a unique guarantee consortium and remunerated with prices above market average

KM 0

The result of a short supply chain, certified up to the field, obtained with selected Piedmontese wheats and harvested within 50 km from our mill

Integrated pest

Coming from lands far from pollution, cultivated through methods of integrated pest management, which allows to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical products

Clean energy

Stone ground using exclusively solar energy produced with photovoltaic panels installed in the mill.

Natural wheat germ

It contains the wheat germ, the embryo of the grain, where sprouts will rise giving life to a new seedling. High levels of minerals, antioxidants, E vitamin, B group vitamins, mono and poli-unsatured fats

The stone mill

Stone grinding is an ancient method which consists in crushing the grains with a single passage, with two large and circular overlapping stones

Optical sorter

Antiqua grains are selected one by one by the optical sorter, able to exclude imperfect seeds

Absolute cleanliness

After the optical sorter, the dehulling cleaning system removes the most external part of the caryopsis, guaranteeing the total wheat sanitization

Gusto antico

Antiqua si distingue per il profumo intenso e per il colore ambrato, dovuti alla presenza di tegumenti cruscali e germe al naturale nella farina.

Sali minerali

Antiqua è ricca di sali minerali, che insieme al germe vitale, donano maggiore sapidità e aromi al prodotto finito, consentendo di utilizzare fino al 50% di sale in meno.

Lunghe lievitazioni

È una farina equilibrata e con un'ottima stabilità, perfetta per lavorazioni che richiedono una lunga maturazione sia a temperatura ambiente che in frigorifero.

Rese eccellenti

La maggiore capacità di assorbimento dei liquidi la rende perfetta anche per impasti ad alta idratazione. Grazie all’alta capacità fermentativa, Antiqua è indicata per impasti con lievito di birra o con lievito madre.

Good for everyone, perfect for professionals

Antiqua stands out for its intense fragrance and amber color ,due to the presence of bran integuments and natural wheat germ. It’s rich in mineral salts ,that together whit the vital wheat germ, provide greater flavor and aromas to the final product, allowing to use up to 50% less salt . It’s a balanced flour with an excellent stability, perfect for processings which require long maturation both at room temperature and in the fridge. The greater liquid absorption capacity makes it perfect also for high hydration doughs. .Thanks to its high fermentation ability, Antiqua is recommended for sourdough and brewer’s yeast doughs.