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Special flours

Vera and Core are two flours created to make two very specific products: the true Neapolitan pizza and the Roman-style pizza in pala (Traditional pizza cooked on a peel) and in teglia (Traditional pizza cooked in a pan).


The flour for Neapolitan pizza has a new name

VERA is the flour for Neapolitan pizza developed by Bongiovanni in collaboration with the best Neapolitan pizza masters, custodians of an ancient art recognised as a world heritage by UNESCO.


00 flour for Neapolitan pizza

  • Smooth and homogeneous dough
  • Exceptional leavening resistance
  • Optimal development of the crust during baking
  • Easy to roll out and bake "Neapolitan style"
  • Bakes quickly making it light and digestible

We wanted to celebrate the tradition and true passion of the pizza makers of Naples and of the whole world with a special flour dedicated to them, approved by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association and ready to amaze.

Vera was a star at the 2019 Verace Pizza Napoletana Olympics.

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Er core nun se sbaja

CORE is the new TYPE 1 flour dedicated to Roman-style pizza in pala and in teglia, enriched with selected wheat germ and perfect for high, light and dimpled pizzas. Our tribute to the food culture of the Eternal City.


Type 1 flour for Roman-style pizza in pala

  • Type 1 flour, therefore rich in fibre
  • Contains wheat germ
  • High hydration capacity
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Perfect resistance during rising
  • Easy to roll out and handle

Created and tested to achieve amazing results in stable, easy-to-handle high-hydration doughs, CORE is perfect for direct leavening as well as for use with pre-baking agents or sourdough starter.

It allows you to work with direct baking as well as with pre-cooking and regeneration, with or without blast chilling, while maintaining the characteristics of the finished product.

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