The Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo (Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences) is the first legally recognized University in the world that is entirely dedicated to the study of Food.
Its foundation in 2004 stems from an idea by Carlo Petrini ,founder and President of Slow Food, it shares the founding principles and the philosophy of the association, summarized in the concept of “good, clean and fair”: three fundamental criteria to define quality of food in a conscious way.
The University aims to shape the Gastronome, an innovative and transverse profile in the landscape of professions linked to food farming, who is trained starting from a multidisciplinary teaching model, in which scientific and humanistic subjects are combined with field experiences and study trips in Italy and around the world.
Molini Bongiovanni shares the vision and the objectives of the UNISG project and supports its teaching and research activity, while cooperating actively in the University life as a Supporting Member.

With the aim of spreading ethical principles and corporate social responsibility, with particular reference to prevention of diseases that have both a direct or indirect link to nutrition, Molini Bongiovanni chose to support AIRC,, Italian Cancer Research Association, through the funding of a scholarship for a young researcher. .
Molini Bongiovanni and AIRC together to make the cancer increasingly curable.

The Verace Pizza Napoletana Association, (AVPN) was founded in Naples in June 1984, with the aim of promoting and protecting the Vera Pizza Napoletana in Italy and throughout the world, according to a strict International Disciplinary which summarizes the fundamental rules to recognize and differentiate it from the numerous other existing varieties, thus giving it the utmost dignity and recognition.
The association is also involved in promoting and protecting affiliated pizzerias and products of the production chain linked to the Vera Pizza Napoletana, as well as in the professionalization of pizza makers.
Bongiovanni flours officially form part of the Register of Approved Suppliers. the AVPN .