Used by the best food companies these flours are designed according to production arrangements, settled to satisfy customer’ specific needs.
Produced with the maximum attention and care, they guarantee stable and constant features over time, top quality and complete safety from the hygienic and sanitary point of view.

Products dedicated to the Food Industry:

  • Roller milled flours
  • Stone ground flours
  • Flours from organic or traditional agriculture
  • Flours from certified supply chain
  • “Granito” for handmade fresh pasta and “gnocchi”
  • Triplozero®: special flour for handmade fresh pasta
  • Primafibra®: bran extract powder with high content of natural fiber
  • Food bran and middlings
  • Flour and food chop
  • Cold defatted wheat germ
  • Dehulled soft wheat
  • Pearly soft wheat
  • Soft wheat “gritz” (split in homogenous fragments of 2.000-3.000 micron)

We produce tailor-made flours for any industrial need